Flavor Flav And Ecko Team Up For Talking Clock

Public Enemy's Flavor

Flav and Ecko have teamed up to produce the "'Legends Flavor Flav Talking

Alarm Clock.

The talking clock

is a miniature replica of the animated rapper, complete with hat, sunglasses

and Flav's signature clock draped around his neck, which serves as the actual


Purchasers of the

alarm clock can be awakened to six wake up alarms provided by Flavor, which

include: "Rock That Sh*t Homie," "Get Up a Git Git Git Down,"

Yeahh Boyee," "Yo, G, Yo," "Bass For Your Face" and

"Fight The Power."

500 limited edition

versions of the clock are being made in a black and red version. The clock is

on sale for $85 now, at Ecko.com and various speciality retailers across the