Flavor Flav Gets a New Television Show

AllHipHop Staff

Former Public Enemy hype-man Flavor Flav and filmmaker Deon Taylor have a new series called Nite Tales coming to television.

The show is executive produced by former NBA players Mitch Richmond and Bobby Jackson of the Sacramento Kings.

The show is said to be similar to The Twilight Zone and Tales From The Crypt combined.

While Flav will serve as the “Crypt Keeper” of the series.

“I'm the new Rod Serling of the two thousands (The creator of the Twilight Zone). Nite Tales is an updated horror film version of the Twilight Zone but a more updated version of Tales of the Crypt. I am the new Crypt Keeper,” Flav told Brian Webber of Fox Sports in a recent interview.

The show will have lots of athletes in the show based on the executive producers as well as a few NFLers like Ephraim Salaam of the Detroit Lions.

It will also feature celebrities such as Pink, Ray-J, Charley Murphy, and Flav's former love interest Brigette Nielsen.

“We are excited about it, it's a good mixture of everybody,” exclaimed Deon Taylor. Nite Tales started airing on August 14th.

Check your local listings for times/networks.