Flavor Flav Owes The IRS Millions Again

The legendary Public Enemy group member will have to deal with some problems from the government.

(AllHipHop News) Flavor Flav may want to patch up his relationship with Public Enemy, to get out of the crosshairs of Uncle Sam.

According to reports, Flavor Flav has not paid his taxes for over 10 years and now faces a massive $3.1 million dollar to the IRS.

According to reports, Flav did not pay any taxes from 2005 until 2015.

The amount the "Flavor of Love reality star owes has skyrocketed to a grand total of $3,185,860.18.

The rapper is familiar with the IRS.

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2005-2015.... NO TAXES! What the fuck boyyyyyy!! That's retarded. It's jail time.