Flavor Flav's Assault/Child Endangerment Trial Set For September

(AllHipHop News) Flavor Flav will face a judge and jury in Las Vegas on September 30th according to a reports. The iconic Hip-Hop hype man and former realty television star will contest assault with a weapon and child endangerment charges after being accused of threatening his girlfriend's 17-year-old son with a butcher knife, steak knife, and pizza cutter during a fight last October.

Flav (born William Drayton Jr.) pleaded not guilty to the charges on Tuesday. The judge in the case concluded that the prosecution presented enough evidence for Flav to stand trial, so the 54-year-old will have to fight the felony charges in state court.

At a hearing in April, the teenage accuser testified that Flav chased him with a knife, stabbed his bedroom door, and threatened to kill him during an argument on October 17th.

Apparently, the altercation started when Flav and the accuser's mother began arguing early that morning. After the accuser allegedly yelled, "You're not going to talk to my mom like that," the dispute between Flav and the 200-pound teenager got physical. Eventually, the incident resulted in the high school football player holding the Public Enemy member in a head lock in the kitchen.

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While Flav did not take the stand at the April hearing, his attorney did suggest that the entertainer's decision to grab a knife was in self-defense.

If convicted of the all charges, Flav could face up to 12 years in prison.

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