Flavor Flav's Former Love Hoopz Arrested

Former Flavor

of Love star Hoopz was arrested on Tuesday (June 13) for assaulting a police


According to reports, the reality star was jailed for allegedly attacking a

police officer outside of her Dearborn, Michigan home.

The incident happened

after police were called to her residence to investigate a noise complaint filed

by one of her neighbors.

Hoopz (real name Nichole Alexander) asserts the officers took her into custody

after voicing complaints that neighbors were harassing her.

"He walked up, took the door, opened the door back up. Grabbed me by me

neck and I just remember flying down these steps,” said Hoopz in a statement.

“While I’m falling, I gripped on to him and we fall. Now we wrestling

and two more cop guys come and jump on me."

The Detroit native claims the quarrel left her bruised.

Hoopz has been the subject of controversy in recent months after winning VH1’s

Flavor of Love. Although Flavor Flav picked her as the winner of last

season’s show, the pair announced shortly thereafter that they are no longer

romantically involved and will remain just friends.

Flavor of Love has been renewed for another season and began production

in Los Angeles in May.