Flavor Flav Starring In New Sitcom

Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav will star in a new half-hour comedy titled Under One Roof, which will debut on the MyNetworkTV network.

MyNetworkTV ordered 13 episodes of Under One Roof, which stars Flavor Flav as Calvester Hill, an ex-convict that moves in with his wealthy, conservative brother.

Calvester subsequently turns his brother's family upside down by bringing old prison buddies home, teaching his nephew gangsta rap and by arguing with Walter's uppity wife, Ashley.

"I am real excited about my new sitcom Under One Roof," Flavor Flav said. "I want to thank MyNetworkTV for believing in your boy because we are about to blow this out of the water. I am about to take MyNetworkTV and make it MY network."

Under One Roof is currently being shot in Toronto, Canada and is produced by Claude Brooks and Darryl J. Quarles for C To The B Productions and Qtopia Entertainment.

"It can’t get much better than working on a comedy with a personality like Flavor Flav," Brooks said. "This type of program is a perfect fit for his unique brand of humor and we are proud to be bringing it to MyNetworkTV."

Under One Roof is slated to debut in Spring of 2008.

The announcement comes as Flavor Flav prepares to launch the third season of his hit VH1 series, Flavor of Love.

Twenty women will compete for Flavor Flav’s love when Flavor of Love debuts next Monday (February 11) at 9 PM.