Flavor Flav Starring In UK Reality Series 'The Farm'

After coming off of

the highly successful and criticized VH1 show “Strange Love,” Public

Enemy’s Flavor Flav is set to star a long side an eclectic group of celebrity

contestants on the UK reality series “The Farm.”

The show features celebrity farmhands who will face the harsh

realities of life on the farm under the expert guidance of vet Jon Huxley, farmer

Ryan Hooper and his brother, Jason.

The farmhands will have to contend with the daily routine of

mucking out and feeding the animals. But they'll also have to pass group tasks

in order to win treats, be completely self-sufficient and vote for the farmhand

they want to put to the public vote for elimination.

Flavor will be joined along side Emma Noble (former host of

The Price Is Right, “Truth About Love), Cicciolina (former porn star-turned-

politician), Emma B (model), Dave Morgan (fireman), Lionel Blair (actor), Mikey

Green (aspiring pop singer), Charlene Tilton (“Dallas”), Ron Jeremy

(porn star) and Orville (comedian).

In addition to an upcoming reality show, he also is plannning

on releasing a solo album.

"The world has been waiting for it for a long time,"

Flav recently told the Associated Press. "My album is not like everybody

else's rap album. It's hitting all age ranges, from kids to grandmothers.

Although critics and fans of Public Enemy alike both shunned

the Strange Love series, Flav insists that he doesn't regret the experience.

"I've got

more people to love,” Flav said. “It was one of my dreams: getting

on TV. It gave me a new wide range of audience so that's more people to be good