Flavor Flav Stars In 'Surreal Life'

Continuing their tradition of pitting rappers against

other celebrities, creators of "The Surreal Life" have announced the

cast of the third season, which includes Public Enemy member Flavor Flav.

Flavor will join an all new cast that includes

Dave Coulier (Full House), Brigitte Nielsen (Red Sonja), Ryan Starr (American

Idol), Jordan Knight (New Kids On The Block) and Charo (flamenco guitar master

who has made the most appearances ever on "Love Boat").

"The Surreal Life" puts an unusual

mix of entertainers together to live under one roof and have their lives taped


The first season featured MC Hammer, Vince Neil,

Emmanuel Lewis, Corey Feldman and others, while season two featured Vanilla

Ice, porn star Ron Jeremy, sex-pot Traci Bingham, Erik Estrada and others.