Flavor Flav Talks About New Reality Show

AllHipHop Staff

Hip-Hop veteran Flavor Flav is planning on jumping back into the spotlight very soon.

In a recent interview Flavor Flav told AllHipHop.com, "I'm working on a reality show and a talk show, going back to high school. I got a talk show coming, yall ain't going to be mad at ya boy."

Flav caught the reality TV bug when he first appeared on VH1's "The Surreal Life" and then "Strange Love," which stemmed from the relationship that he formed with Brigitte Nielsen.

Later Flav would go on to start is own reality series that continued for three seasons the "Flavor of Love."

Flavor Flav's reality TV success did not come without scrutiny. The rapper turned reality star come under fire from who labeled performance a "coon act" on "a modern day minstrel show."

Flav gained his stardom with the rap group Public Enemy in the late '80s as Chuck D's hypeman.

He is known for sporting his huge trademark clock around his neck.