FLICKS: A Lingerie-Clad Coco (a.k.a. Mrs. Ice-T) Debuts in Vegas "Peep Show"

AllHipHop Staff

Last night (December 17), Coco Austin (better known as Mrs. Ice-T) performed for the opening night of "Peep Show" at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

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The caberet-style show features models dancing to song medleys in underwear-style costumes, and Coco's routine is a spin on the children's book character, Bo Peep. The 33-year-old Coco looks noticeably thinner but still incredibly curvaceous in tan-colored underwear.

Coco's appearance in the Vegas show, which runs through March 2013, will be chronicled on her reality show, "Ice Loves Coco".

But, the pictures from the debut won't generate as much conversation as the pictures of Coco with rapper AP.9, which were blasted by Coco's husband, Ice-T for which Coco, herself later apologized. Read that rumor here.

Check out the pics of Coco Austin in her "Peep Show" debut:

Coco Austin___
Coco Austin_
Coco Austin, Cheaza Pop Diva
Coco Austin_Dancers
Coco Austin Dancers__
Coco Austin Josh Strickland
Coco and Josh Strickland
Coco Austin__