​Flint Michigan Considers Honoring Dayton Family With Their Own Street Signs

The Dayton Family could be honored by Flint within the next 90 days.

(AllHipHop News) One of Michigan's most respected and revered hip-hop groups could be honored by their hometown if everything goes right.

The Dayton Family has been representing Flint, Michigan since their debut album What's on My Mind? in 1995.

The group, consisting of core members Bootleg, Shoestring, and Backstabba has released nine albums and is known for their hardcore portrayal of everyday life in Flint.

Now, City Council is considering honoring the group with their own signs on Dayton Street, which birthed the group.

"For 25-plus years we've been active in the community, doing our thing to support the city of Flint," Bootleg said during a hearing earlier this week. "We see other rap groups with honorary signs and we feel like we put in enough work in the city of Flint ... to have one."

The Dayton Family should have the backing of Mayor Karen Weaver, since they supported her during the ongoing Flint Water Crisis, with a track called "City Of Lead."

While council members did not vote on the issue during a meeting last week, at least one local politician said he hopes to see the group recognized within the next 90 days.


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