Florida School System Bans 'Frowning Snowman' T-Shirt

Atlanta, Georgia rapper

Young Jeezy’s frowning snowman logo on a t-shirt has caused a stir in the

United States and now the shirt has been banned from the Polk County, Florida

Public School system.

Superintendent Gail McKinzie alerted principals in the school

system last week about the t-shirt, which features a frowning snowman, usually

followed by various references to cocaine.

McKinzie and Assistant Superintendent Bruce Tonjes became aware

of the shirts after they started popping up on various campuses.

“We understood that ‘snow’ is a reference

to cocaine,” Assistant Superintendent Bruce Tonjes told AllHipHop.com.

“If that’s what people understand the meaning of this to be, that

doesn’t mean the person wearing it understands. If that’s the message

it sends, we take the necessary measures to remove it from our campuses.”

Clothing that promotes drugs, alcohol or sex is banned under

Polk County School Board policy.

On first offense, students will be told to turn the shirt inside-out

or change shirts.

The second time, parents are called.

Earlier this month, the Snowman t-shirt drew criticism from

anti-drug campaigners causing its production to be cancelled by fashion company

Miskeen Originals.

According to reports, the shirt has been heavily bootlegged and

sold on the black market as well.

Anti-drug campaigners and education officials are alarmed, saying

the Snowman t-shirt symbolizes the white substance colloquially called snow:


In related news,

Jeezy recently announced that he’s inked a distribution deal with Jay-Z’s

Rocawear clothing for his own United Streets and D Boy Apparel lines.