Floyd Mayweather Isn’t Bailing Suge Knight Out

Suge Stays Locked Down...

Members of Floyd Mayweather’s most trusted crew have come forward to deny the assertion that the fighter bail out the former chief of Death Row out of imprisonment.

Floyd and Suge were good friends once upon a time, but now there are distant friends that haven’t talked in a while.

TMZ says:

TMZ Sports just got off the phone with one of Floyd’s most trusted members of his TMT crew — who tells us Suge’s lawyer was just plain wrong when he told media outlets there was a plan in place for Floyd to fork over the money. We’re told Floyd and Suge were close in the past — but they haven’t been in contact in several years. Suge is currently locked up in L.A. on murder charges — and his attorney Matthew Fletcher reportedly said Knight was counting on Floyd to cover his bail.