Floyd Mayweather: The Only Thing God Made Perfect Was My Boxing Record


(AllHipHop News) Floyd Mayweather openly admits that he is a flawed human, but that does not mean he does not believe he posses some godly perfection. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Mayweather speaks on his upcoming fight with Marcos Maidana, the only thing God made perfect and more.

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During the interview, the man who recently leaked pictures of his ex-fiancé's abortion documents admits "I can contradict myself, though. I'm human. I make mistakes." While he attests to his own imperfections, the man with a flawless 45-0 boxing record desires to not only be the face of boxing but a testament to a higher power's perfection:

[It's about] legacy, the legacy. When you mention boxing, all I want you to mention is just one name, that's Floyd Mayweather. When my career is over, I don't want nobody talking about nobody else. Nobody. God only made one thing perfect: my boxing record.

Mayweather's upcoming fight with Maidana will take place this Saturday (May 3rd) at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the one fight people have chided Mayweather for not following through with is the one with arch rival Manny Pacquio. Mayweather understands the criticism, but believes it is unwarranted:

I think not everybody is listening. First, everybody was: 'Floyd is a coward, he's scared.' I didn't care less. I am probably the highest-paid coward in the world, so I don't mind. All I want to do is clean up boxing. This sport will live on when I am gone but we need you guys to call a spade a spade. Give it to them straight. I want to give people boxing which is clean.

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Check out Mayweather's full interview with The Guardianhere.