Food Truck Goes After The Right's To Kanye and Kim's Baby's Name

Kanye West's new child will also have her own line of food, but she won't own any of it.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West should forget about cashing in on his child's name legally.

That's because a food truck in Seattle, Washington has moved to trademark the name ChicagoWest.

“After completing our first year of business, trademarking was on our list of ‘to-dos’ for 2018," the owner of the truck said. "We are also reviewing our sales and revamping our menu, which made it a perfect time to add our new BabyWest offering.”

The owners of ChicagoWest thought it would be cute to name food items on their food truck's menu after the newborn since the baby happens to share the same name as their business.

The owners of ChicagoWest are seeking to trademark the name to sell hot dogs, popcorn, and sandwiches.