Foot-Long 'Snoop Doggs' Coming To Grocery Stores

Snoop Dogg recently

inked a deal with Platinum One Media to launch a new business with the rapper

– foot-long hot dogs.

According to the Boston Herald, the rapper’s latest venture

is “Snoop Doggs,” a new hot dog line launching with partners Franco

Petrucci and Jeff Earp.

Earp is a former owner of a Joe & Nemo’s in Massachutsetts,

a popular hot dog business that was started in 1909.

“There aren’t any celebrity hot dogs out there,”

Snoop’s brother and business manager Bing Worthington told the Herald.

“Who’s the competition? Ball Park?....Imagine a long, skinny hot

dog just like Snoop.”

The rapper’s line of hot dogs is being made in Massachusetts

and will hit grocery stores in January.

Snoop takes advantage of everything,” Bing said. “This

rap money isn’t long. Just ask MC Hammer.”

In related news, Snoop’s film “Boss’n Up”

will be released Dec. 6. The movie features Snoop starring as Corde Christopher, a broke and frustrated grocery clerk who turns to pimping to earn


According to a

press release, “Corde must choose between the downward spiral of the fast

life and the self-realization of whether he is a pimp or a man.”