Footage Of Russ' Crew Attacking Smokepurpp At A Festival Hits The Internet

Does Russ get to claim a win for having Purpp jumped?

(AllHipHop News) A few days ago, Russ went on The Breakfast Club and shared a bit of news. The entertainer claimed he had footage of either Yung Bans or Smokepurpp getting attacked at a music festival.

The altercation supposedly took place because the then-unknown rapper was trolling Russ on social media. Bans denied he ever got touched by the Zoo album creator, so the public began to assume Purpp was the one that got into the fight.

Overnight, video of the incident at the Splash Festival in Germany hit the internet. Several men can be seen jumping Smokepurpp outside of a bathroom. Purpp gave his side of the story on Instagram Live.

"It's like seven dudes there. I ain't never seen them in my life. They looked like they with the f*ck sh*t. I'm with the f*ck sh*t, so I didn't give a f*ck," said Smokepurpp. "I fought all seven n*ggas. Russ did not do sh*t. Russ is scary. He do not want to fight me heads up. He do not want to one-on-one me."

The reaction to the video has been mixed. Some social media users sided with Russ for confronting Smokepurpp in person. Other commenters took issue with Russ sending people to assault Purpp and not doing it himself.

"LMAO ppl think this is high school on some 'meet me after class.' NAH...your talkin crazy sh*t online and I've never met none of y'all weirdos or talked to y'all," wrote Russ. "Lie in the bed you made. This is not after school parking lot fights. Take your ass beating and move on."

Russ has also been promoting this idea of not spreading negativity on social media, so it could be viewed as hypocritical for him to leak the video just to embarrass Smokepurpp. There's also the issue of timing. The footage came out less than a week after Russ released his new album when the Splash Festival took place in July.