Footage Shows Driver Waiting To Speed Away From Nipsey Hussle Murder Scene

The cops have their eye on the woman who helped Eric Holder flee from the murder scene.

(AllHipHop News) Police are still scrutinizing the driver of the getaway vehicle involved in the murder of Nipsey Hussle.

According to, investigators are reviewing surveillance footage, which captured the moment Eric Holder entered a waiting vehicle after he allegedly shot and killed Nipsey Hussle on March 31st in Los Angeles.

Holder, 29, is charged with the unmerciful murder of Nipsey Hussle at his Marathon Clothing store.

Shocking footage allegedly shows Eric Holder shooting Nipsey Hussle, Kerry Lathan, and another man.

When the shooting was done, Holder fled through an alley and into a waiting white four-door sedan, which was driven by a woman reported to be his girlfriend.

The car was eventually tracked down to the unidentified woman, who supposedly helped police with information on Holder's whereabouts, which led to his arrest on April 2nd.

Local activists have questioned why the driver of the vehicle was never charged with any crime, but the cops may be reconsidering that position.

The latest surveillance video reveals Holder rolled up the shopping center driving the car first and the female was in the passenger seat.

Holder exited the vehicle and ended up in a dispute with Nipsey, who called him a snitch.

Holder supposedly went to a burger joint next door to order food and drove off with a woman in the passenger seat.

When they returned, the woman was driving and Holder was in the passenger seat.

The footage shows him exit the vehicle, and enter through an alleyway where he emerged to shoot Nipsey. Holder returned to the car, which immediately sped away from the scene.

The latest footage cast doubt on reports the woman, who reportedly claimed she has no idea the murder was going to take place.