Football Player/Rapper/Wrestler Pacman Jones Giving Away 1500 Tickets To TNA

Football player-turned-rapper-turned professional wrestler Adam "Pac Man" Jones has bought 1,500 tickets to the TNA Tag Team Championship for Atlanta area high school students who are earning good grades.Jones, who grew up in the famed College Park section of Atlanta, will defend his Tag Team Championship belt with partner Ron "The Truth" Killings.The pair won the belt from wrestling legends "The Icon" Sting and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle upon Jones' arrival in TNA in July."I grew up a huge wrestling fan, and the chance for me to have seen my favorite wrestler Sting when I was a kid would have been a big motivator for me," said Jones. "I know what it's like to need someone to believe in you. Giving a kid a ticket to a wrestling show like this is a small way for these schools and teachers to say, 'Hey, here is a reward for all the things you are doing right, now keep it up.'"Jones purchased 1,500 tickets to give to students in the Fulton County School District to attend "Bound For Glory" at the Gwinnett Center Arena in Duluth.The tickets will be distributed at the discretion of school administrators for academic achievements, grades and punctuality.Jones attended Westlake High School and set a number of records and helped the school win two state titles. Jones attended the University of West Virginia before joining the Tennessee Titans."I think (the wrestling) is an exciting event, and we look forward to supporting him in this venture," said Sandra Ervin, Westlake High School principal. "I think it's a generous and genuine support of his alma mater, Westlake High School."The football player is currently suspended for the 2007 NFL season due to a number of high profile incidents off the football field in 2006.Jones, who runs the rap label National Street League Records, will speak to seniors at Westlake High School on Oct. 12.Bound for Glory airs on Pay Per View on October 14.