For Men That Don't Hit Women, But Deal With Their S**t

AllHipHop Staff

**This Is Dedicated To Men That Don't Hit Women, But Still Deal With Bird S**t**

This isn't about Chris Brown and Rihanna - I promise. But the plight of the young lovebirds sure has got me thinking.

I am what I consider to be a good man.

I work very hard.

I provide.

I work hard.

I give.

And I still get s**t from my significant other - my "lady."

Lets just cut any thing that resembles over-intellectualiizing this crap and get down to it.

Women f**k with men.

It doesn't matter if the man is good or bad. The majority of American women straight-up f**k with men. The examples of this are innumerable, but let me focus on the good men. Let me focus on myself.

Like I said, I work hard. So, one day I decided to take some down time. Now, for me downtime entails playing with the kids, putting dinner on the table, doing homework with the kids, and all of the nuances that go along with being an adult in between time. Ms. Ladygirl comes in later that evening and puts the kids to sleep after some reading and whatnot (note: the easy part). Fact is, this is a typical day. There are some days when this scenario is reversed.

Now, I after all that was done, I opted to take some down time. Ms. Ladygirl decides to say something slick to me that comes out of nowhere. Something about dinner. OK. that gets addressed and we move on with the evening. Later, in the midst of my down time, she delivers another pointless, incendiary comment. Finally, as I am prepared to go to bed, there is another stupid remark. You know what? That's when I let loose. I let it be known that Ms. Ladygirl was acting like a childish fool, acting as such for seemingly no reason.

The irony of it all, is I in turn ended up acting like a fool myself, but what I like to call a justified fool. That's how I see it.

Here is more irony.

Women know. They know the good guy all too well.

They know that, they can push button after button after button after button and the worst they are going to get is cussed out and maybe some stuff gets thrown around the room. But, the fact is, these and most women know that they are NOT going to get "Chris Brown'd" by the good guy. They are certain of it, because over time, they have pushed farther and farther and farther. Barring something truly vicious like a knife attack, people like Ladygirl know people like myself are not going to respond to words with a hail storm of fists.

That is not to say that it doesn't cross the brain.

Men are natural fighters and we are taught at a young age to deal with a number of things with our fists. Got a bully? Beat his a$$ to get him to leave you alone. Somebody talk about your mother? Beat his a$$ to get him to leave her alone. If somebody messes with your family? The rest of the fam shows up knuckled up. It is only with women that we are taught not to respond in the same way. Why? Simply because we are generally the bigger gender and big people shouldn't beat down smaller, weaker people.

There is another side to this.

Most men don't want to fight. Why? It hurts getting punched. You might lose. You might get embarrassed. Fighting is a big issue and that's why boys used to do that shoulder-to-shoulder circle walk so much. When women are dealing with a good dude, many of them feel that they can SAY anything they want, no matter how inflammatory, disrespectful, childish or ignorant and - NEWS FLASH - there's very little you can do as a man. (Men: Imagine going around picking fights with every guy that was bigger than you and KNOWING dude can't do anything. You MIGHT be able to get away with it with a 2-time felon!) With women, everything is an abuse of power, but the true birdbrain gets off scott free.

What is the proper procedure for when a female is blocking the exit? What is the proper response to barbed words when your words will hurt more and any and all insults are resurrected in the next argument. What is the proper procedure when you are hit with fists or an object? Like Chris and Rihanna, the answers seem so simple until it is you that is in the situation.

I love my kids and I love Ms. Ladygirl too.

So, my moves and the moves of my fellow good guys must be wise. At best, and the preferred response, is the good guy that ignores the vengeful needling of a she-devil. That's difficult. And lets not even talk about when the good guy attempts to remove himself from the negativity like...leave. Oh, then you are "abandoning" somebody or refusing to "talk." This is even when there simply needs a cooling off period. Women don't WANT you to cool off...they just don't want you to hit them.

Now, I'm a grown man.

Through the years, I have dealt with women of all backgrounds, social upbringings, incomes and mental levels. MOST (not all) ladygirls I have dated or been serious about have these common bird themes in varying degrees of horror. Furthermore, the other good guys I know deal with the same "How did I get here, in this muck of wackness? Is it PMS? Are there other factors? Do you have a pre-existing condition that I don't know about?"

The stress of day to day living is already a lot, so why do so many women in American seem to specialize in creating unnecessary idiocy just to add to the strife. I thought this would interest you for closure purposes. After the evening of bickering, I ended up sleeples for several hours and got absolutely no down time. The sad thing, is I am truly in a situation where I am VESTED for the rest of my days on this polluted Earth.

And the Ladygirl knows it...LOL, SMH AND WTF all rolled into one.

While, I'll never Chris Brown a broad, wouldn't understand unless you're a good guy.