For The Lover In You: Songs For Your Valentine's Day Playlists

Just in time for Valentine's day here are 15 songs that you may have never considered celebrating with, some you may have already loaded on to your February 14th playlist, or some that you may have never even heard of before today! These are old, B-sides or just one's we couldn't resist putting on the list! Don't just look the list over though, hit play and see what you think! As always wants your input, so if you hear something you were unfamiliar with let us know what you thought of it! Enjoy!

Big Daddy Kane - Smooth Operator

BDK was always the man when it came to both the guys who wanted to be as cool as him and the girls who wanted to be with him!

Candyman - Knockin Boots

I always thought this was an awesome use of a sample, even though as a girl, I'm not sure why I thought this was a love song!

Heavy D. - Is It Good To You

Heavy D was that guy! There was just something about this particular song that transcended all age groups. It was one of those tracks that you could listen to no matter who was in the car. Even your big mama wouldn't make you cut it off! Mine popped her fingers to it a time or two!

Dana Dane - Love At First Sight

This was an obscure one by Dana Dane that you had to have the entire album to hear! But I used to put it on slow mixes all the time!

Foxy Brown Featuring Blackstreet - Get Me Home 

Another great sample and Blackstreet is a perfect compliment to Foxy!

Jay - Z Featuring Foxy Brown & Babyface - 

This one was one of my first Jay - Z favorites back in the day because I loved Foxy Brown on this track! "Double cross you they gotta tripple cross me baby!" I think there will be some kids out here who've never even heard of it! Yes kids there was life before The Blueprint!

LL Cool J - Hey Lover

This one speaks for itself, Mr. Cool J talking about taking someone's girl away is nothing novel, but doing it with the help of Boys II Men, that was a new dimension!

MC Brains - Brain Storming

MC Brains was a big part of the Biv 10empire which featured acts like Boyz II Men and ABC.

Method Man And Mary J. Blige - I'll Be There For You/ You're All I Need To Get By

No explanation needed!

P.Diddy Featuring Ginuwine, Loon & Mario Winans - I Need A Girl (Part 2)

Oh when celebrity love goes wrong sometimes it goes right! I never cared if this was about J-Lo or not but th speculation was endless!

Slick Rick - A Teenage Love

Youngsters take heed!! This song is super on point! Rick The Ruler spoke straight truth o this track!

The Fugees - Killing Me Softly

Another one that needs no explanation! One Time!

The Roots Featuring Erykah Badu - You Got Me

This song only made me love both The Roots and Erykah more!

UTFO - Ya Cold Wanna Be With Me 

This song was supposed to be a love song, but if you listen to what they are actually saying in their verses instead of the hook, I'm not so sure I'd feel happy with anyone saying those things to me! Actually, I'm very sure! Listen closely! UTFO was always ahead of their time!


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