Forbes Writer Blasts Nicki Minaj For Reeking Of Desperation And Hypocrisy

Bryan Rolli's biting criticism is getting backed up by other journalists.

(AllHipHop News) After missing its original June release date, Nicki Minaj's fourth studio LP is now scheduled to hit digital stores and streaming services on August 10. Some observers believe the Queen era is not getting the level of positive attention that's typical for the superstar rapper.

Forbes magazine writer Bryan Rolli took notice of the rollout for the latest Minaj album. Rolli blasted Nicki for failing to follow up the success of the "Chun-Li" single, working with accused sexual abuser 6ix9ine, allegedly shamming sex workers, personally attacking blogger Wanna Thompson, and playing "the victim when it fits her narrative."

He wrote, in part:

All of these blunders distract from what should be Minaj’s main focus right now: her music. Nobody expects her to tone down her outsize personality or colorful language, nor should they want that. But it’s perfectly reasonable to expect her to show her fans a modicum of decency, not collaborate (and tour) with admitted abusers and, oh, release some good music in the meantime. Minaj’s Queen rollout reeks of desperation and hypocrisy, and her recent output isn’t nearly good enough to distract from her actions, let alone justify them. If she doesn’t chart a corrective course of action soon, she may release Queen only to find her crown still missing.

The article in the esteemed business publication didn't go unnoticed. Several members of "Media Twitter" reacted to Rolli's piece. Journalist KC Orcutt tweeted, "[Wanna Thompson] wanted to share that you are not alone in your nicki criticisms/backlash/etc! her team had my article pulled on monday so there's definitely a new wave coming esp after this forbes article."

Nicki Minaj has dropped four songs as a lead artist since April. "Chun-Li" is the only one of those records to break into the Hot 100's Top 10, and it only remained in that range for one chart before falling 38 spots the following week.

This year, 35-year-old artist also appeared on Post Malone's "Ball For Me," YG's "Big Bank," Ariana Grande's "The Light Is Coming," and 6ix9ine's "Fefe." Minaj gave a highly publicized performance on Saturday Night Live in May, and her set at the 2018 BET Awards was met with mixed reviews.