Former Bad Boy Exec Shawn Prez Launches Promo Company

Former Bad Boy executive Shawn Prez has launched his own marketing and promotions company, Power Moves Inc., a full service promotions company."I know the streets better than anyone, and understand how to brand products from the ground up, and for that reason have formed this company," Prez said. "From working in the music industry for many years, I am well positioned to understand what resonates with consumers and the most effective manner in which to reach America's consumers."Prez has already lined up a number of clients, including EA Sports, And 1, MGM Studios, VSOP Passion Blend, Bad Boy, Sean John and others."Power Moves is intended to enlighten corporate America, and the advertising industry on how to succeed with guerilla marketing," Prez continued. "With the power to stimulate, penetrate and influence its time to connect the streets to the suites."Prez said that the company's promotional capabilities will include street teams, event planning and radio promotion.