Former Enron Employee Releases CD Dissing Enron Exec's

A former employee

of oil/energy giant Enron, is releasing a CD dissing his former employee's, just

in time for the second anniversary of the day the company laid off 4,000 employees.

David Tonsall,

who raps under the moniker "NRun," was a technical manager for the


His upcoming CD,

Corporate America, takes aim former Enron Chairman Ken Lay and former

CEO Jeff Skilling.

"It's a spin

on Enron," Tonsall told the Houston Chronicle of his rap name. "It

also stands for "never run."

Some of his lyrics

are aimed at Enron executives, who have yet to be prosecuted for any crime despite

presiding over one of the biggest corporate scandals in United States history.


going to find you, rain, sleet or snow/There's nowhere on earth that you can

go/America, NRun has a story to tell/Gave ... corporate crooks time to plan

their escape. So when I see you, Jeffrey, I won't hesitate."

Tonsall lost almost

$200,000 and his 401k when Enron went belly up. The CD features production by

Slim Pimp.

Corporate America

hits stores December 3 and can be purchased at