Former Football Player And BK Conservative To Open Nightclub

A Former NFL player and Hy Singer, the Republican county chair in Brooklyn, are forming an unlikely partnership as the duo are set to open a hip-hop nightclub in Coney Island, according to a report in the New York Post.Gary Gooden, who played with the Oakland Raiders, became interested in opening a nightclub in the Brooklyn neighborhood when he saw the Anderson's Music Hall building during a motorcycle ride through the borough.Singer, who is also a real estate investor, owns the historic building.Though the building has been vacant for the past twenty years, it once

featured prominent singers and entertainers.Now, Gooden is trying to bring back the allure the 105-year-old building once had."Hip-hop events, pop events - I'm going to do everything," the East New York

native told the Post. "We've got to bring the neighborhood back."Gooden has named the club Velocity and he plans to open for business by this Easter.