Former JMJ Friend/Murder Suspect Pens 50 Cent Diss

AllHipHop Staff

Randy Allen, best friend of Jam Master Jay and a former suspect in the murder, has released a diss record aimed at fellow Queens native 50 Cent.

Entitled “P*ssy Man,” Allen performs the track under his rap name MDR, which he retained as a member of JMJ’s group Rusty Waters.

According to Allen, the issues with 50 Cent arise from the mogul’s new JMJ documentary The Life and Death of Jam Master Jay.

The project, which premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival, is 50’s first feature under his motion picture company Cheetah Films.

Allen alleges that much of the information 50 used to complete the film was taken from unnamed fraudulent sources, and compromises the relationship shared between Allen, 50, and Jay before the DJ’s murder.

“When Jay was alive he dealt with me and Jay. Now he’s stepping out of the circle of what he know[s] about into a bunch of ‘I hate Randy Allen’ and he’s supporting it,” Allen recently explained. “Why would you go to them and promote something they’re doing without even talking to me about it and finding out if that’s what it is? Anybody doing that is p*ssy.”

When asked why he didn’t reach out to 50 before recording the diss track, Allen states he was met with too many buffer sources to facilitate a productive meeting.

“I shouldn’t have to go through all that. So why not just put it on a song and express how I feel?” Allen stated. “Yo n*gga, wake up. What you doing is some p*ssy sh*t.”

In October 2002, Jam Master Jay was shot and killed execution style in his Jamaica Queens studio.

Although there have been numerous promising leads and several named suspects, to date the murder remains officially unsolved.

At press time, 50 Cent could not be reached for comment.