Former Leaders Of The New School Member Dinco Disses Busta Rhymes

Former Leaders

of the New School member Dinco has recorded a diss track directed at fellow

ex-member Busta Rhymes in a new song titled "F**k Touch It."

Dinco, who raps

over the instrumental to Busta Rhymes' hit single "Touch

It," said he recorded the single in response to comments Rhymes made on

a DJ Clue mixtape.


heard it on a Clue mixtape where [Busta] called us a bunch of b***hes,"

Dinco told "He said some real foul s**t, saying my crew's

acting like a bunch of b***hes. And Brown's mother s***ted him out. And following

conversations, he's just been mad disrespectful to me."

Leaders of the

New School was a pioneering group that released two critically acclaimed albums,

Future Without A Past (1991) and T.I.M.E. (1993) via Elektra Records

before calling it quits in 1994.

Dinco D. was a

member of the group along with Busta Rhymes, Charlie Brown and Cut Monitor Milo.

The trio is also featured on A Tribe Called Quest's 1992 party anthem "The


After the group

disbanded, Rhymes struck out on his own and appeared on several high profile

singles, including the remix to Craig Mack's breakthrough Bad Boy single "Flava

In Ya Ear."

Rhymes inked a

deal with Elektra in 1995 and a year later dropped the classic single "Whoo

Haa," taken from his 1996nalbum The Coming.

Leaders of the

New School recorded a reunion song on Busta Rhymes' 1996 disc The Coming titled

"Keep It Movin," which featured Rampage The Last Boy Scout, Dinco,

Charlie Brown and Cut Monitor Milo. Since then, Dinco has continued producing

and now resides in Atlanta.

Another recent

incident between Rhymes and Dinco led to Dinco penning the lyrics: "I

zoomed in on and focused on the chain closer/The S from the leaders musta got pushed over/And landed on his chest/Soupened him up, Superman being too much/Now he's in a bunch/No longer the original man/More like Peter the Pan/Now go skip

along, your interviews are so bland."

Dinco was referring

to a new diamond studded chain Busta Rhymes has been wearing that incorporates

the Leaders of the New School's logo and the words "leader of the new school"

in diamonds.


was joking with the dude and I was like can I get a Leaders of the New School

chain?'" Dinco said. "He was like 'yo those cost a lot of money, I

don't know if you can afford it.' I was like 'You a funny dude.' He took that

out of context, like 'what do you mean I'm a funny dude?' I was laughing with

him. He wasn't trying to hear it.'"

When asked if

he was trying to exploit Rhymes' recent media attention, Dinco replied: "I

don't know what they [fans] gonna take it as, but they [fans] gonna get it."

Dinco's new album

The Black Pirate King James-Tha Los' Leader Album is available in Apple's

iTunes Music Store.

The rapper is also

currently working on an album due this spring. For more information visit:


for Busta Rhymes refused to comment on Dinco's song.