Former Military Man Omega Red Puts New Twist On Old Ideas

Rapper Omega Red has been pushing through a lot in the streets of Boston, but the rapper hopes to apply his many other experiences into

“Between all the streets stuff, I was an eclectic kid.” Red told “I had the chance to see different sides of the game.”

Red said that he lived in both suburban and impoverished areas of Massachusetts, including a famous family member.

“My aunt is Donna Summer too, so I saw some different stuff.” Donna Summer was one of the most popular singers of the 70’s and 80’s and one of the few disco acts to transcend the trendy genre. “She told me two things. You gotta watch out for family when you get to a certain point and she said when people say negative things, never pay attention to it,” he said of his famous aunt.

Red said he had the opportunity, but didn’t always accept it when it was presented to him, but as he got older he’d see images of him with the likes of Barbra Streisand.

“My problem was the choices I made and every man has to pay the consequences for the choices he makes. Even though I suffered for the choices I made, I never lost sight of what my actual goal was.”

Red said he was able to stay focused and leveraged his relationships to make an entrance into the music game. Part of those goals included establishing Stay Grinding Inc with those he met during his period of incarceration.

A veteran of the Air Force, Omega Red has already seen the world through his many travels.

These days the Boston native has planted himself in New York and is expected to release his debut album later in the year. The rapper already has songs with KRS-One, Akon's Konvict Muzik and Ray-J for the freshman effort.

“I’m just trying tap into every market …take what I have learned and put my spin to it,” he said.

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