Former NBA Star Offers DMX A Chance At Rehabilitation

AllHipHop Staff

DMX may have one last chance to get sober, or he could be sent to jail until 2023.

(AllHipHop News) DMX is attempting to get a judge to send him back to a rehabilitation facility, instead of a prison.

DMX could be sentenced to five years in prison on Wednesday, after violating the terms of his bail in connection with a multi-million dollar tax evasion case.

The IRS is after the rap star for intentionally hiding $1.7 million dollars in earnings, from 2011-2013.

The rapper was getting treatment at a rehab facility in New England, but he fell off the wagon in January, after he tested positive for cocaine, opioids and marijuana.

A judge deemed the rapper a flight risk and imprisoned him until his sentencing date.

According to new documents filed in the case, former NBA Star Jayson Williams has extended DMX admission into his rehab program called the Rebound Institute.

The faith-based rehab center could be appealing to DMX, who is just as known for his spirituality, as he is for his many arrests.

DMX would have to agree to stay at the facility for a minimum of 45 days and undergo drug testing at least three times a week.

Prosecutors have asked a judge to send X away for the maximum of five years, after labeling the rap star a "one-man crime spree."