Former Prime Minister Of Sweden Says A$AP Rocky Will Get No Pass Under Their Law

A$AP Rocky's detention has sparked a dispute between the U.S. and Sweden.

(AllHipHop News) The former Prime Minister of Sweden has decided to weigh in on the international battle over A$AP Rocky's freedom.

The rapper and his entourage were involved in a bloody street brawl in Stockholm on June 30.

A$AP Rocky claims he was forced to defend himself after two men he believes are drug addicts followed him on the streets.

One of the men became aggressive, and tossed his headphones at A$AP Rocky's bodyguard, sparking a nasty confrontation.

A$AP Rocky, who was detained on July 2nd, was recently charged with assault after being locked up almost a month.

The issue is turning into a political crisis for Sweden after President Trump threatened the country in a tweet for refusing to release the rapper.

Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has also been vocal in the press, saying it is up to the courts to decide A$AP Rocky's fate and since he is unable to intervene.

It's a sentiment echoed by Carl Bildt, who served as Prime Minister for Sweden from 1991–1994.

"A Swedish prime minister who tries to order a court to release a suspect or dismiss a case is first going to fail and then, with high probability, will be kicked out of office."

Former PM Bildt ripped President Trump for playing politics and using A$AP Rocky as a pawn to win over African-Americans in the country.

"Trump isn’t particularly known for taking up individual cases of this sort. If he is known for anything, it’s being ready to turn a blind eye — even to murder," former Prime Minister Carl Bildt said. "But in this case, one can see that he had very specific political reasons for demanding that these three people are immediately sent back home."

While many people like G-Eazy claim A$AP Rocky is being treated unfairly because of his race, Carl Bildt disagreed and said like the United States, Sweden is a very Democratic country.

"As prime minister, you can have your government propose laws and try to get parliament to decide on them, but once that’s done, your role in how they are implemented is absolutely zero," Carl Bildt said.

"There certainly are countries around the world where the judiciary is little more than an instrument of the arbitrary powers of the ruling strongman, and where the political leadership can send people in and out of prison at their discretion. Sweden is most certainly not one of those countries."

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he did beat the fuck out the dude, i still think he gonna get off soon