Former Rapper Loon Asks President Donald Trump To Help Him Get Out Of Prison

Loon has converted to Islam and has changed his ways. Can he get out of prison?

(AllHipHop News) A number of stars are backing Loon and his bid for freedom to President Donald Trump.

Loon soared to fame as a member of Diddy's Bad Boy camp, with hits like "I Need A Girl (Part 1 & 2)."

He ran into legal difficulties in 2011 when he was busted for conspiring to traffic a few kilos of heroin.

Loon, born Chauncey Hawkins, was eventually sentenced to 14 years in prison where he converted to Islam and changed his name to Amir Junaid Muhadith.

Now, a variety of celebrities are asking President Donald Trump to take a look at Loon's situation.

"This administration's commitment to criminal justice reform has given me hope that I might see justice in my case," Loon said in a statement.

The campaign was organized by producer Weldon Angelos, who worked with Tupac, Snoop Dogg, and others before he was sent to prison for over 13-years in prison for selling small amounts of marijuana.

Angelos went on to found the Weldon Project, which is a non-profit dedicated to enforcing the First Step act bill which was recently passed.

The mission of Weldon Angelos' non-profit seeks to gain the release of inmates convicted of marijuana offenses.

While Loon was convicted of dealing much harder drugs (bulk heroin), Weldon has made the rapper's case his nonprofit's first mission.

A variety of criminal Justice reform organizations, as well as celebrities and power players like Faith Evans, Stevie J, Steve Lobel, Damon Dash, Benzino, Kevin Garnett, and the "Hot Felon" turned model Jeremy Meeks wrote letters in support of Loon's character.

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Seems like he been locked up forever

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