Former Ruthless Exec Jerry Heller Preps New Label


Heller, the man N.W.A., in particular Ice Cube

helped launched to fame (or infamy) has come out of his

semi-retirement to helped get another fledging label get

off the ground. The label, Hit A Lick Records, is similar

Ruthless Records, the label that brought hard core Gangsta

Rap onto the American public's radar.

Hit A Lick

was founded by KDAY Hip-Hop poineer Tony G. and Pablito

Vasquez. The label is claiming to be the first to have

an all Latino roster. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times,

Heller said "It's very difficult to come in cold

turkey and sell a movement, but this will draw national

attention and set the stage for the records we have coming."

The first

single the label has released is "Dreamin On Chrom,"

off of the G'Fellas album Gangster 4 Life. The album made

an appearance on Billboard last week at the number 68

slot with a bullet.

Other acts

on the label include Mellow Man Ace who hit big with his

1990 bilingual joint "Mentirosa," and Kid Frost

who also had a smash the same year with his song "La

Raza." Completeing their roster is 20 year old Lil'

Blacky and groups Eastside Ghetto, Big Shots With Malice,

ALT and a new take of N.W.A., the group that made Heller

his millions. Heller is betting the new version, M.W.A.,

short for Mexicans With Attitudes will bring his new label

just as much notoriety.

"I think

I can do this one more time." Heller said. After

being called out on Ice Cube's "No Vaseline,"

a long battle with Eazy E's wife and Estate, as well as

several Libel lawsuits over his portrayal in Ronin Ro's

cotroversial "Have Gun Will Travel" book, Heller

left the music industry for awhile.


it was a hiatus," Heller continued. "Maybe I

was burned out. But retirement is so final. In my mind,

I don't think I was ever out of the music business for