Former Scott Storch Home Sold to Rockstar Energy Drink Maker

(AllHipHop News) The former home of producer Scott Storch is off the market.

According to reports, Storch’s waterfront 20,000 square foot Palm Island mansion has been purchased by Rockstar Energy Drink.

Noted for its 100-foot boat dock, 11 master suite bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, three guest houses and two pools, the estate has hosted a number of Miami Beach’s exclusive parties and events.

Storch maintained residence at the home until financial problems forced the mansion into foreclosure in July 2009.

The estate, which was reportedly valued at around $7 million, was purchased the following month at an auction by SunTrust Bank for $5.5 million.

Best known for his work on the hit 2004Terror Squad song, “Lean Back,” Storch encountered a string of financial setbacks that resulted in the loss of his mansion.

Prior to the start of his troubles in 2006, Storch was one of the highest paid producers in music with collaborations with artists such as Nas, T.I., Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and Game to his credit as well as Beyonce, Pink and Christina Aguilera.

Despite his success, Storch fell victim to a $30 million cocaine habit that nearly took its toll on his career and life.

The downward spiral continued in 2008 as the beat maker reportedly fell behind on child support payments that, which resulted in a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear at a child support hearing.

That same year, Storch owed more than $500,000 in late property taxes.

In addition, the producer spent much of the money he earned from producing on a lavish lifestyle that included luxury cars, recreational drugs, frequent trips on private jets and a 117-foot yacht. Storch, who eventually kicked his drug habit, is looking to reestablish himself among his peers.

The producer is currently working on a reality show chronicling his recovery from drug use.

He is also collaborating on projects involving rappers Shyne and Gucci Mane in addition to R&B singers Usher and Jennifer Hudson.