Former Source COO Starts New Hip-Hop Magazine

Two weeks after resigning his post as chief operating officer

of The Source magazine, publisher Jeremy Miller has announced the launch of

DOWN magazine, a new publication focusing on the southern Hip-Hop scene.


chose that name because essentially, it's a magazine entirely dedicated to southern

hip hop and down south [music], that's pretty much where it came from,"

Miller told "I want to focus on the music that's being played

in the south, the music that's being performed by southern artists, or if you’re

new and upcoming artist, music that I think could be played down south in the

clubs or the radio, that might be more of a southern style."

Miller plans to have the new title on the newsstands on July

26 in 16 states across North America. The magazine will regularly highlight

up-and-coming artists from southern regions and emphasizes that no other publication

puts such a spotlight on southern hip-hop talent.

"I am somewhat biased when it comes to music I like,"

Miller said. "I like southern hip-hop music. I like the crunk type music.

I am going to be open to every form of music coming out of the south, but I

am going to have a focus on that grimy, country get crunk style of Hip-Hop.

I am not trying to reinvent the wheel. The Source and XXL both have wonderful

formats. I'm taking almost the same format and plugging in the niche style of

music within Hip-Hop."

Each issue of the magazine, which will be initially published

bi-monthly, includes a compilation CD featuring tracks from unsigned hip-hop

artists from the South.


have investors in the magazine, because it takes a lot of money to ensure you

are going to be around for that third fourth or fifth issue," Miller said.

"I told people I wouldn't put out the first issue until I could tell them

when the second third and fourth issue were coming out."

As former COO of The Source for three years, Miller was involved

in the hip-hop magazine’s publishing division, securing book deals and

overseeing foreign licensing agreements among other things.

The Oklahoma native started as an intern at the magazine in

1991 while attending New York University’s Stern School of Business.

"After I moved into the circulation department, I helped

grow the magazine from 50,000 copies to 800,000 copies," Miller stated.

"My primary focus early on was expanding the magazine and getting the magazine

to the streets and the stores.

"I am hoping I have that catch 22 of having to print more

copies than I am planning on by the second or third issue. That will be a nice

problem to have."