Former Source VP Launches Youth Empowerment Tour

Edward DeJesus, former VP of The Source Entertainment,

will launch a new grassroots campaign aimed at helping Hip-Hopper's combat negative

lifestyles and stereotypes often associated with the genre of music.

The Youth Empowerment Tour (YET) will kickoff

on Saturday (February 21) in Greenville, South Carolina and contains important

messages of avoiding violence, making good career decisions, developing a positive

support network and messages of education.

"Instead of glorifying the 'hood lifestyle,

the Youth Empowerment Tour will convey what actually happens when you live that

lifestyle," DeJesus told in a statement.

DeJesus, who has over 15 years of experience

as an inner city youth advocate, is well versed on the power and influence of

hip-hop music and culture and was one of the driving forces behind the Source

Youth Foundation's community activities across the country.

DeJesus also released a new book that he hopes

will guide youth in a positive direction, titled "Makin' It - The HipHop

Guide to True Survival."

YET will make stops throughout 2004 in Fresno,

Baltimore, Philadelphia and Los Angeles

For more information on the Youth Empowerment

Tour, visit