Former TGT Members Tank & Tyrese Clash Over Writing, Producing & Show Money (VIDEOS)


(AllHipHop News) TGT has completely imploded. Former partners Tank and Tyrese have begun blasting each other on social media. After Tank blamed Tyrese for the breakup of the group because he was allegedly unwilling to share the TGT money fairly, Tyrese fired back by suggesting Tank was attempting to use his group mate's fame for his own gain.

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According to Tank, Tyrese originally agreed to share the profits of the group equally but then changed his mind at the last minute. Tyrese then referenced Drake's "Back To Back" on Instagram, "I drove here in the #Wraith playin AR-AB I'm not really sure what I did to make y'all mad I guess this is what I gotta do to make y'all sell I mean whooooaaaaaa."

Tank answered by claiming that he did more work in the group than Tyrese. The "#BDAY" singer posted a meme that read, "He plays Drake but I write his verse, my verse, and produce the song."

The conflict continued when Tyrese then posted a video saying he makes $150,000 a show. He also accused Tank of wanting to "ride the wave" of his success. In a separate vid he stated, "Tank, if you want to get hot in these R&B streets and you don't want your manager all in your video, come to Voltron."

Tank laughed at the idea of Tyrese making $150,000 a performance and threw a shot at him for not getting radio play on mainstream stations. Tyrese then posted a statement that appears to prove he does earn that amount for a booking.

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Check out Tyrese and Tank's Instagram posts below.