Four Men Accused Of Transporting Cocaine In Rapper's Tour Bus

Four men have been arrested on cocaine charges

after being accused of transporting large amounts of cocaine in rapper Gloria

Velez' tour bus and several luxury vehicles.

The four allegedly hid drugs and cash under Velez'

bed in a compartment in her recreational vehicle.

Velez' manager Charles Gant 40, James Lloyd,

39 and Michael Goodson, 26, were arraigned Saturday in Mount Vernon on charges

of first-degree drug possession and second-degree conspiracy. Dwayne McCaskey,

38, was charged with conspiracy.

"It's all lies," Velez told

"There was nothing on the bus or in the house."

Officers from various agencies carried out search

warrants and seized over 200 pounds of cocaine, $800,000 in cash, a Hummer,

a Mercedes, a Range Rover, a Cadillac, guns, money counting machines and a vacuum

sealer for the drugs.

Velez has not been charged with any crime and

maintained her innocence.

If convicted, the men face up to 25 years in