Foxy Brown Blasts NY Post; Claims Paper Is Attacking Hip-Hop

AllHipHop Staff

Foxy Brown is defending herself over reports that she received preferential treatment while serving a nine month prison sentence at Riker’s Island.

According to the NY Post, Foxy (Inga Marchand) had prison officials acting like “fawning valets,” allowing her unlimited TV/phone use, makeup accessories, luxury clothing, and outside meals.

Brown was released last April, after completing a parole violation conviction for assaulting two nail salon employees in 2006.

In a statement released by her publicist, the Brooklyn emcee refuted every allegation made in the Post article.

“In response to the sensationalized front cover article and erroneous allegations made by the NY Post, NO special privileges were afforded Foxy Brown at Riker’s Island,” said Brown’s publicist. “In fact, due to her celebrity status, many basic privileges were denied by the Warden and rules over-enforced. Her meals were served off the tray, she wore prison garb, and had the same phone time allotted her as any other inmate.”

The NY Post also claims the rapper’s special treatment was due to the work of prison Imam Umar Adul-Jalil, who networked with the prison’s warden to make sure Brown had the resources to continue interviews and photo-ops.

Regarding this allegation, Foxy’s management team counters that the NY Post is simply launching another attack against Hip-Hop culture.

“Once again Hip-Hop is on blast, denouncing our brand and depicting our culture as having an irreproachable ‘sense of entitlement,’” they stated. “There was no valet service, meals from Mr. Chows, makeup, or C.O. gatherings in her cell. It was incarceration, not a vacation. These invidious allegations, obviously made by an envious corrections employee are clearly fabricated.”

Foxy Brown’s last album, Brooklyn’s Don Diva, was released in May 2008.

She plans to release her fourth studio album, Black Roses, by the end of 2009.

The project is slated to be under Foxy’s Black Rose Entertainment label.