Foxy Brown Denies Physical Confrontation With Jacki O

Def Jam rapper Foxy Brown

has broken her silence regarding an alleged brawl with Miami lyricist Jacki

O. Brown has completely countered Jacki O's assertion that there was a physical

fight between the two artists.

Reports of the confrontation

between the two, female rappers at Circle House Studios in Miami surfaced last


Jacki O, a native

of the city, confirmed that an altercation took place last week in a press release.

Brown claimed the opposite in a recent interview.

"There were

never any blows thrown," Brown said on 99 Jamz's Morning Show in Miami.

Sources close to

the situation told that Brooklyn rapper Gravy was in the studio

with Jacki O recording a song titled "Ménage" and invited Brown

to the studio with hopes of landing her on the track.

Brown appeared

on 99 Jamz's Big Lip Bandit Morning Show and gave her side of the story to Big

Lip Bandit and Supa Cindy.

"This story

is the most erroneous story I've heard in my entire life. I am waiting for a

check from that independent label because I have given that girl the most promotions

she's ever received, ever. Had we been talking about a reputable artist like

Lauryn Hill, or Lil' Kim or Trina or someone...We are talking about someone

who has never sold a record in their life."

Brown said that

she was in Miami and was en route to pick up another female rapper, Trina for

an evening at popular nightclub Cro Bar.


is my girl. I was going to pick her up," Brown said. "I got a call

to stop by the studio to say hello to friends from Brooklyn [Gravy]. Foxy Brown

was not in the studio to record with this girl. I never met her."

Foxy explained

that the entire incident is rooted in animosity, because for three years, she

has refused requests to record with Jacki O.


walk in the studio, jealousy took its course and that was that," Brown

said. "There were words exchanged and me being the bigger person and being

the lady that I am. I did say that she needs to have some respect."

In the course of

the alleged battle, sources stated that Circle House suffered almost $8,000

worth of damage to studio equipment.

Reports suggested

that Brown's $9,000 Fendi bag was stolen, but Brown refuted the allegations.

Brown clarified, "I

had the $9,000 Fendi bag when I left that studio."

During the interview,

Brown revealed that she had intentions on moving to Miami, Florida and would

continue with her previous plans, despite the incident with Jacki-O.


was talking with my girl Trina, and it's like what is wrong with this girl?

You're killing yourself in the business baby, we have been in this for 10 years.

We are veterans. You're going up against people who are rough and endure and

have survived through everything."