Foxy Brown Disses Lil Kim On "Let Em Know"; Name Checks Eve, Trina

(AllHipHop News) A new track by Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown hit the Internet today (February 4).

The song, titled “Let Em Know” is the latest release from Foxy Brown and features M.O.P. group member Lil Fame and rapper BAM.

The 4 minute and five second track, which was produced by Easy Mo Bee, features Foxy Brown name checking a number of rappers during her verse.

Brown drops lines about Jay-Z, former boyfriend Rick Ross, Eve, Miami rapper Trina and longtime nemesis, Lil Kim.

A number of lines are aimed at some of the more popular female rappers of the day, but most seem to be directed at Lil Kim.

“I’d rather be in the club at the bar/then to disrespect my hood on Dancing With the Stars/Nah I’m in the hood taking chances with the Gods..”

Later Brown gets more aggressive with the lyrics, adding Eve to the list of names called out on the track.

"Slam a b**ch on her back like I’m John Cena/F**k that I aint Eve, I aint Kim, I aint Trina/BK’s own Diva/I give the whole hood face lifts/Go on and fix your face b***h/"

Foxy Brown’s last full length album was titled Brooklyn’s Don Diva and was released by Koch Records in May of 2008.