Foxy Brown Fears Losing Grammy

When on the mic, rhyme mistress Foxy Brown exudes unflappable confidence, but the rapper admits a Grammy nomination tends to usher in some of her stronger insecurities.

"[I ask myself] 'what is this going to feel like when I lose,'" Fox said to "I want to think like I am going to lose, because at the BET Awards, I went in thinking I was going to win and I didn't. And I was like floored. I'm being optimistic but as long as I work the red carpet in an incredible outfit, I'm cool."

As far as her Grammy garb, the 24-year-old Brooklyn representative stated that she plans to rock a sheik Pucci dress to the awards show. The rapper also wore a Pucci bikini on the cover of King Magazine last month.

"I want to [wear] something to the left of what every other female rapper is doing. I like to stay the mysterious rapper," she continued. "It takes me forever [to get ready], because I never feel beautiful enough. I'm my worst critic."

Like several of the 2003 rap nominees, Foxy revealed that her nod by the Grammy academy was an unexpected shock.

"I was surprised. My album is two and a half years old and the song [“Na Na Be Like” from 2001’s Broken Silence] I was nominated for was never a single, but I'm not complaining," she stated.

“I'm happy. This is the first nomination in the history of me rapping."

The singer squares off with Eve, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot and Charli Baltimore in the Best Female Rap Solo Performance category in Grammys, held on Feb. 21.

Def Jam and Bad Boy Records recently settled their differences in a bidding war for Foxy and R&B act 112. The two companies will share marketing, promotion and profits for both acts.

"Lyor Cohen and I have been friends for a long time," Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs said in a press statement. "Our personal relationship is more important to me than a minor business dispute. The settlement is mutually beneficial and I look forward to working with him on 112 and Foxy Brown and making sure both artists continue to have successful careers."

There has been no street date announced for, ILL Na Na 2: The Fever, Fox's upcoming album.