Foxy Brown Gives 50 Cent 24 Hours To Retract Rap Line

AllHipHop Staff

50 Cent may have a new adversary within a day's time. The G-Unit leader has drug in rapper Foxy Brown's name into this beef by mentioned her name in the ballooning war of words with Miami heavy weight Rick Ross. Foxy Brown says she is granting 50 Cent 24 hours to retract the line where she is briefly mentioned on "Try Me."On 50 Cent's diss track, he says, "The cop f**ked a fox." The line, although scant, refers to a brief, personal relationship Rick Ross and Brown had. It also refers to Ross' past as a correctional officer. Foxy Brown's camp issued a statement that proclaims that she has no involvement in the conflict between the two rap titans. In a statement to, Brown's representative stated, "Foxy is giving that n***a 24 hour [period] to retract that statement or she's going handle [him] Brooklyn Style."Ironically, after 50 Cent wrote the initial song, Rick Ross gave 50 Cent 48 hours to offer a more substantial response. 50 Cent returned with a number of insulting videos, including cartoons and a taped shopping spree with the mother of Ross' child. Currently, Brown is working on her new album Black Roses, which is expected to be in stores this summer.Rumors swirled that Foxy Brown and Rick Ross were to be married, but those proved to be false.