Foxy Brown Handcuffed & Threatened With Arrest For Disrespecting Judge

Foxy Brown was handcuffed to

a court bench today and a judge threatened to arrest the Brooklyn rapper for allegedly

disrespecting the court, over chewing gum.

Brown was in Manhattan Criminal Court before Judge Melissa Jackson to plead

guilty to a misdemeanor stemming from an incident in August of 2004 in nail

salon in New York.

The rapper, born Inga Marchand, is accused of striking two nail workers with

a cell phone in a dispute over payment of a manicure.

Prosecutors were unhappy with Brown’s plea statement, claiming that Brown

did not accept enough responsibility for her role in the altercation.

As Judge Jackson was setting a retrial date, she remarked that Brown was chewing

gum and being disrespectful throughout the trial.

Brown said that she wasn’t chewing gum and opened her mouth and stuck

her tongue out at Judge Jackson to prove her mouth was empty.

Jackson, infuriated, ordered Brown handcuffed to the defendant’s bench

along the court room wall.

When a female officer attempted to actually handcuff Brown, the two became

involved in an argument over Brown’s dangling bracelets, which were in

the way of the handcuffs.

Judge Jackson gave Brown two chances to apologize or face 30 days in jail and

a $1,000 fine for contempt of court.

Brown then appeared before Judge Jackson and stated: "I apologize for

my actions."

A return date is scheduled for Jan. 23.

Last week, Brown revealed at a press release that she has lost her hearing.