Foxy Brown In Florida Without Permission, NY Probation Department Seeks To Incarcerate Rapper

The New York City

Department of Probation is seeking to have rapper Foxy Brown incarcerated, after

she was arrested outside of a beauty supply store Thursday (Feb. 15) in Pembroke

Pines, FL.Brown

was sentenced to anger management classes and three years probation in Oct. 2006,

for assaulting two Manhattan nail salon employees over a $20 manicure in Aug.


to Jack Ryan, a spokesman for the New York City Department of Probation, Brown

never had permission from her probation officer to travel to Florida. "We

are asking the court to violate her probation and incarcerate her," Ryan

told The New York Post. Brown

now faces up to a year in prison for violating the terms of her probation.The

fracas started while Brown and an associate were sampling beauty products at the

Queen Beauty Supply Store in Pembroke Pines. According

to Queen Beauty Supply Store owner Sam Hayssam, he asked Brown to leave, because

the store was closing. "I

told them they had to leave," Hayssam told local CBS 4. "She said 'I

have to finish my hair, the glue is not working right and I need a different kind

of glue so I can finish my hair."Hayssam

said he told Brown the store "was not a salon" and that's when Brown

threw the hair glue and spit on him, before exiting the store. Police

arrived and found Brown in the shopping center and attempted to escort her back

to the Queen Beauty Supply Store. "I

placed my hand on the defendants arm to escort her back and she swatted my hand

away," the arresting officer wrote in his police report. "The defendant

then started swinging her arms and struggling with me. I was forced to utilize

a take down maneuver to gain control of the defendant."Brown,

born Inga Marchand, was charged with battery and resisting an officer with violence.

She was released from jail yesterday (Feb. 16) afternoon, after a $1500 bond was

posted. Local

CBS 4 caught footage of Brown, 27, and an unknown associate in a lime green running

from the jail, into an awaiting cab. Yesterday

(Feb. 16), the store produced surveillance footage of Brown entering the store

with an unknown female associate. None

of the alleged incident was caught on the surveillance footage and Brown appears

to be calm upon exiting the store, while Hayssam is using his mobile phone, presumably

calling police.A

man named James, who identified himself as Brown's brother, said that the reports

detailing Brown's arrest are false. "Anything

alleged, it never happened. Everybody wants to soup something up and make it seem

bigger than what it is," James Marchand said.