Foxy Brown Misses New Jersey Court Date, Must Attend Next Hearing


Brown skipped another court hearing today (Aug. 23) on charges filed by a former


Brown's lawyer, Brian J. Neary, told Judge Cynthia D. Jackson that Inga "Foxy

Brown" Marchand would be present to contest the two complaints filed by Rasheeda

Ellis, who did not have a lawyer present. Jackson

told the rapper's lawyer that Brown was mandated to attend the next session.During

the three-minute session, the judge granted Neary's request for a probable cause

hearing, which was set for Sept. 26. Neary said Brown has never had an issue with

Rasheeda Ellis, who accuses the rapper of harassment, terrorist threats and verbal


worked for Brown and quit in June. She claims that when she attempted to collect

back pay from Brown, Brown showed up at her place of employment with two other

people, and threatened through Ellis' cellphone."Foxy

says she's never had a problem with this woman," Neary told The Associated


described Ellis as a former consultant to Brown's management company. Neary said

he did not know when and where any incident may have occurred with Ellis, a New

Jersey resident.Brown,

a native and current resident of New York, stated that Jersey City police were

never involved. Brown,

26, also faces charges for allegedly assaulting two nail salon workers in New

York over the cost of a manicure in 2004.