Foxy Brown Officially Indicted Over Court Violation

(AllHipHop News) A 2007 confrontation with a neighbor has resulted in an indictment for rap diva Foxy Brown.Yesterday (August 13th), the entertainer (born Inga Marchand) was charged with criminal contempt in the second degree. Brown’s latest legal development stems from a violation of a court order of protection by Arlene Raymond. Raymond filed the order following a heated exchange with Brown on July 30, 2007.During the encounter, the rapper reportedly hit Raymond with her Blackberry after Raymond complained about Brown playing her car stereo too loud outside their building in Brooklyn. In 2008, the order of protection was issued against Brown after she pleaded guilty to menacing Raymond with her cell phone.During Brown’s hearing this week, prosecutors revealed the rhymesayer violated the order in July by screaming at Raymond in another argument. During the confrontation, authorities say Brown bent over and exposed her buttocks at Raymond while cursing at her neighbor and showing her underwear.Despite testifying Wednesday (August 11th) before a grand jury in her defense, Brown did not fare well in court in light of Friday’s indictment. The rapper now faces up to one year in jail.News of Brown’s indictment ends a week of lows for the entertainer, who’s brother, Gavin “Pretty Boy” Marchand, was arrested on August 7th for allegedly using a stolen credit card to purchase almost $8,000 worth of designer close from a store in Manhattan.Gavin Marchand was one of a group of men apprehended by police for their role in the incident.