Foxy Brown Pleads Guilty To Violating Probation, Avoids Jail

Foxy Brown pleaded

guilty to a probation violation today (Mar. 1) for leaving New York without permission

from her probation officer. Brown,

born Inga Marchand, was arrested in Pembroke Pines, FL on Feb. 15, after becoming

embroiled in a dispute with a beauty store owner.In

Oct. 2006, Brown was sentenced to anger management classes and three years probation,

for assaulting two Manhattan nail salon employees over a $20 manicure in Aug.

2004. Probation

officials said that Brown never had permission from her probation officer to travel

to FL and prosecutors asked the court to violate her probation and have the Brooklyn

bred rapper incarcerated. Today,

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson gave Brown another chance, allowing

her to continue the existing terms of her probation. Judge

Jackson warned that if Brown violates her probation again, she could be sentenced

to a full year in prison. Brown,

27, was charged with battery and resisting an officer with violence, after a dispute

over hair glue with the owner of the Queen Beauty Supply Store. Brown

left the store, but when officers arrived and attempted to escort her back to

the beauty store, Brown allegedly resisted, resulting in the arresting officer

applying a "take down maneuver" to subdue the rapper. She

was released on Feb. 16, after posting $1500 bond.Brown

held a press conference on Monday (Feb. 26) at Brown Memorial Baptist Church in

Brooklyn. denied the charges and said she was a victim of an "overzealous"

police officer."For

the last week, I have been vilified in the media as assaulting a store owner..."

Brown said. "...The only crime I am guilty of committing is being a young

black female celebrity in Broward County."