Foxy Brown Rejects Plea Deal

Foxy Brown rejected a plea deal yesterday with prosecutors (May 6th), stemming from an altercation in a Manhattan nail salon.

Brown, who is facing misdemeanor charges of assault, attempted assault and harassment, maintained her innocence and said that she did not commit a crime.

Brown is accused of punching and kicking two of the salon's employees, after they allegedly refused to let her leave the salon over a monetary dispute.

Prosecutors say employees refused to give Brown a manicure due to the late hour. Employees claim Brown left without paying the $20 dollar tab.

"I got the pedicure, but they didn't give me the manicure," Brown told the Associated Press.

Prosecutors claim Brown struck one employee multiple times in the face and body with a cell phone in her closed fist and also hit the manager of the salon.

Brown's lawyer Joseph Tacopino said the first officer on the scene did not note injuries on either of the salon employees.

"This is someone trying to use the criminal justice system to extract money from a celebrity," Tacopina told Newsday in April.

"I have confidence in the criminal justice system," Brown said. "I am confident that I will be exonerated."

Brown will appear in court again July 28th.