Foxy Brown's Manager Chaz Williams Speaks On Assault

Chaz Williams, manager of rapper Foxy Brown, continues to deny allegations that his superstar client was assaulted in a Brooklyn, NY housing project over the weekend.

Brown, 27, was allegedly in the Louis H. Pink Houses early Saturday morning (June 23) when she attempted to break up with her boyfriend, upon learning he was a pimp with a criminal record.

The unidentified man allegedly ordered a group of prostitutes to assault Brown, born Inga Marchand.

The women stole Brown's Louis Vuitton purse, her hearing aid and $500 in cash that was in the purse.

Williams of Black Hand Entertainment, told that there was no need for police involvement regarding the alleged incident and that all of Brown's stolen belongings were returned shortly after the incident.

"Black Hand has never used or needed the police to solve anything," Williams told "As soon as I heard she was at the police station, I immediately went there and stopped the interview and she immediately stopped cooperating with their questioning."

Williams' Black Hand Entertainment manages Foxy Brown, Grafh, Prinz and others.

Formerly known as "Slim," Williams managed the early career of 50 Cent, before things went sour between the two, in part, over 50 Cent's controversial song "Ghetto Q'uran," in which 50 name check's Williams, along with other infamous drug dealers from Queens.

According to Williams, police tried to block their exit and prevent them from leaving, as they attempted to make Brown fill out a police report to protect her from identity theft, because she lost her ID and credit cards.

"We called the lawyers and I got her the f**k out of there. Two hours after I got her home, we had all her property back. Foxy aint going to no courthouse, we don't know anything about any robbery, pimps, or boyfriends. Her bag was missing and we got it back. I got homies, friends, and family in the Pink Houses. Getting her s**t back was elementary."According to police, Brown originally pointed out her attackers, leading to charges against Roshawn Anthony, 23.

Anthony has since been charged with assault and is currently being held on Rikers Island in lieu of $50,000 bail. 

Meanwhile, Brown missed an earlier meeting with her probation officer on the same day that she was attacked.

She is scheduled to meet with her parole officers today (June 26) and failure to comply and attend the meeting could land her in jail for up to a year.