Foxy Brown Sentenced To A Year In Prison; Remy Ma Expresses Support

Brooklyn, New York rapper Foxy Brown was sentenced to one year in prison today (September 7) for violating her probation.

Brown, 28, was already on probation for assaulting two employees of a Manhattan nail salon in 2004, was arrested on Aug. 14.

She was charged with assaulting her Brooklyn neighbor with a Blackberry during a dispute over the volume of her car stereo in July.

According to the Associated Press, Judge Melissa Jackson cited several high profile incidents involving Foxy Brown, including an unauthorized trip to Florida that resulted in assault charges, an incident in Mahwah, New Jersey that resulted in an arrest and a number of traffic violations, a move to Mahwah, N.J. without permission and failure to report to probation officers.

Judge Jackson also stated that Brown had dropped out of court-ordered anger management classes with a psychologist.

"I'm willing to do whatever I need to do to change," Brown told Judge Jackson in court. "I realize that's not where I want to be. It's humbled me in ways I never imagined."

Judge Jackson was stern in her ruling, ordering the pregnant rapper to jail for a year.

"I'm not going to give you any more chances," Judge Jackson said. "I hope you turn your life around and never again have to stand in a court of law."

Brown is being held on Rikers Island, which also briefly housed female rapper Remy Ma in July.

Remy Ma, is facing attempted-murder charges stemming from a shooting in New York in July.

She expressed support for Brown, stating that Rikers Island was no place for a pregnant woman.

"I was on Rikers Island, that s**t is disgustin'" Remy Ma told in a recent interview. "F**k being a rapper, females period -- every female in New York needs to send a f**kin' letter, being that they're lockin' people up for suspended licenses and all that, write to the mayor, the governor. The place is disgustin', the food is disgustin', the place is dirty, filthy, nasty -- women are in there pregnant!"

Remy Ma also said that Brown was a victim of her own success.

"Be fair," Remy Ma said. "Do you know how many people I know who get community service for doing crazy s**t?"

Brown will be eligible for parole in eight months.